SQL query results to CSV

Multiple times we get requests in projects to generate reports from database. Below command will be helpful in exporting the MySQL query results directly into CSV (comma separated values) file mysql -h {hostname} -u {username} -p {database_name} -B -e “SELECT code AS ‘Coupon Codes’ FROM salesrule_coupon WHERE rule_id=112” | sed “s/\t/,/g” > /tmp/coupon_code_$(date +%F).csv Above […]

MySQL table schema details

I am mentioning here a quick way to get the table schema format. Steps 1) Login to your database using mysql -u {username} -p -h {host_name> -D {database_name} 2) Execute query SELECT TABLE_NAME AS `Table`, ROW_FORMAT AS `Format` FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = “{database_name}” 3) Primarily there are two types of format Dynamic and Compact […]

Custom CLI commands Magento 2

Magento 2 enables your component to add commands to the default CLI Magento has one command-line interface that performs both installation and configuration tasks: /bin/magento. I am explaining here a way to add custom commands for your module. 1) Create a Command class, I have created a custom class at app/code/DW/Interface/Console/OrderCron.php. 2) Declare your Command […]

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