Custom CLI commands Magento 2

Magento 2 enables your component to add commands to the default CLI Magento has one command-line interface that performs both installation and configuration tasks: /bin/magento. I am explaining here a way to add custom commands for your module. 1) Create a Command class, I have created a custom class at app/code/DW/Interface/Console/OrderCron.php. 2) Declare your Command […]

Tax block in cart page of Magento 2

I am explaining here a way to remove the estimated tax block seen in the summary section of cart page Create a file checkout_cart_index.xml at the location app/design/frontend/Dw/green/Magento_Checkout/layout/ (Dw/green is a custom theme) Copy the content as seen below in the layout file Also in case you want to remove the heading as well than […]

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