SQL query results to CSV

Multiple times we get requests in projects to generate reports from database. Below command will be helpful in exporting the MySQL query results directly into CSV (comma separated values) file mysql -h {hostname} -u {username} -p {database_name} -B -e “SELECT code AS ‘Coupon Codes’ FROM salesrule_coupon WHERE rule_id=112” | sed “s/\t/,/g” > /tmp/coupon_code_$(date +%F).csv Above […]

DW File Management Component

Download the component :. Commercial version (with customizable features) : Visit . DW File Management Component and Plugin for uploading to, downloading and deleting files from Website based on Joomla 3 Framework. With the help of this plugin, by mentioning the file name or alias in the article, it will be replaced with its appropriate […]

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