RSS Feed Reader Magento Extension

Hello All,

I have developed an extension and posted on Magento Connect for free.

DW Reader extension will enable the shop owner to display RSS Feed on any static/dynamic page of the shop together with many configuration settings to choose from.

Please have a look FeedReader by DW.

Kindly rate and review.

Instruction for using

For showing feed in block

{{block type="reader/reader" feed_url ="" }}

For defining in XML block

<reference name="content">
	<block type="reader/reader"  name="dwreader">
            <action method="setFeedUrl"><feed_url></feed_url></action>

For using in design file

echo Mage::app()->getLayout()->createBlock('reader/reader')->setFeedUrl('')->toHtml();


7 Responses to “RSS Feed Reader Magento Extension”

  1. Zinat says:


    well done and thanks!

    I’m wondering if we can have the image of the feed to be displayed as well?


  2. ed says:

    It seems has problem with php7.0

  3. Fernando says:

    I installed this extension, managed to display the news on my page but it doesn’t automatically update the news.
    Is it correct?


    • Decrypt Web says:

      No, it will auto update when the page will be refreshed, the extension fetches the data from the URL specified, might be you are using page caching, could you check once disabling the caching or browsing the feed URL directly from browser.

  4. Fred says:

    Very nice extension and work perfectly with WP3.9 and 1.8 magento.

    Inside {{block type=”reader/reader” feed_url =”” }} is it possible to select only one category ?



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