Develop,Package and Install Magento Module/Extension

This is very useful for those who are working in Magento eCommerce. After making an module
(I will post the method to develop a module within few days).

You can also refer this link for time being Develop Custom Magento Module for creating module.

You have to package the module after developing which is explained here Package Module.

Now obviously you want to test it.

So I am writing the steps to install the module into local server without using Magento Connect

1) Suppose your site is at /var/www/html/magentosite/.

2) You need to create a directory ‘var’ which will be placed here /var/www/html/magentosite/ and create a directory ‘pear’ inside ‘var’ and place your module package inside ‘pear’.

3) Suppose your package name is ‘mypackage-1.0.tgz’. So you will have directory structure /var/www/html/magentosite/var/pear/mypackage-1.0.tgz.

4) Now Open Terminal and execute this command
‘cd /var/www/html/magentosite/’ (excluding quotes)

5) And finally for installing the package execute this command
‘./pear install /var/www/html/magentosite/var/pear/mypackage-1.0.tgz’ (excluding quotes).

6) You will get a message of your status.

14 Responses to “Develop,Package and Install Magento Module/Extension”

  1. Hardik says:

    I have xampp and my custom module is in xampp\magento-\magento\app\code\local\Slider

    what i’ve do to install them? i have method which is declare above, but i am properly understand how to do it!!
    Plz Help!!

  2. Very useful post.. I found it helpful..

  3. Jannick says:

    Ahh it was the ‘./pear’ command that I neglected! Thanks a lot DWRoot!


  4. Pragnesh says:

    Can you show me the file or component here, for further understanding

  5. Vinícius says:

    Hi, I generated my module, but when I try to install it I get this message

    File “CategoryInfo.php” in directory “” has invalid role “magelocal”, should be one of cfg, data, doc, php, script, test, www

    Wait for answers, thanks.

  6. Rayan says:

    Thanks for reply
    can u help me in how to install locally.

  7. Rayan says:

    I have one query “Can we do locally installation for custom modules packages/extensions on our local magento copy”
    so developer can create package for its module and install locally on his magento copy.

    Thanks in advance.
    please reply me.

  8. Rayan says:

    Thanks for reply.

    can we do local installation without commands for our custom modules?
    “just selecting the zip folder and do install”.
    Any ideas for how to do local installation of custom modules.

  9. Rayan says:

    Thanks for help.
    I have created package successfully on my linux os.
    but when i install this package using commands nothing change is happen.
    May be i don’t know what change will be reflect.
    Please give reply for : “How to crosscheck for install package through command line”.

    Thanks in advance

    • Pragnesh says:

      You will get a status message in the terminal.
      Also you can check the status of your module by going to ‘Magento Connect’ of your site.
      There you will get the list of external modules that are installed in your site.
      Hope now you are clear.

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