Joomla essentials

Joomla is a very great CMS.

I am listing below important variable used in joomla.

JPath is used to get the directory path.

DS — is used as a directory separator.

JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR– Sets the path to /Joomla/administrator

JPATH_BASE — sets the entry to joomla /Joomla

JPATH_CACHE –Sets the cache path /Joomla/cache

JPATH_COMPONENT — Sets the component path /Joomla/components/com_example

JPATH_COMPONENT_ADMINISTRATOR — sets the backend component path /Joomla/administrator/components/com_example

JPATH_COMPONENT_SITE– sets the frontend component path /Joomla/components/com_example

JPATH_CONFIGURATION –sets the configuration.php file path

JPATH_INSTALLATION –The path to the installation folder.

JPATH_LIBRARIES –The path to the libraries folder.

JPATH_PLUGINS –The path to the plugins folder.

JPATH_ROOT –The path to the installed Joomla! site.

JPATH_SITE –The path to the installed Joomla! site.

JPATH_THEMES –The path to the templates folder.

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